Ironwood Plaza Mini Storage brings state-of-the-art security back to the storage industry.

fortress-wallsFortress Architecture

Built in 2005 with state-of-the-art security in mind, our Ft. Collins self storage facility uses walled fortress style architecture to secure the exterior perimeter. In Addition to keeping thieves and vandals out, our fortress walls provide renters a greater level of privacy and shields each storage unit from exterior viewing. These security measures allow our facility to bring peace of mind to Loveland and Northern Colorado residents who put their trust in us.

Thieves want to know which storage units are being used and what is inside them before they break in. Unlike fences, our fortress structure prevents thieves from getting that information as well as acting on it.

In addition to the fortress architecture, our facility is well lit through out and equipped with a state-of-the-art digital security system from Digitech International. The Digitech security system uses three individual security systems to monitor every storage unit 24 hours a day, and ensure your personal safety while in the facility.

Security Features Overview:

  • Fortress architecture
  • Well-lit hallways and common areas
  • Keypad access control for secure entry
  • Automatic gates and locking devices with alarms
  • Individual storage unit door alarms
  • 24-hour digital video surveillance and recording system
  • Security monitoring station operated by insured professionals
“Individual-unit door alarms nail Robbie Ripoff and his type. They pose as good tenants, but use their access privileges to cruise storage lots for loose items or force entry into neighboring units. A security contact tied to alarm software puts a stop to that. Any intrusion to an armed unit causes an alarm…”
Steve Cooper

Main Gate, Doors and Keypads


Upon leasing a storage unit, each renter creates an individual PIN number that opens the main gate. From this point on you will be monitored as you move thought out the facility. Your PIN number, the date, and time are recorded by our computer system every time you unlock a door or open your mini storage unit. This system allows us to know who is entering the facility and where they are at all times.

Individual Storage Unit Door Alarms


Every self storage unit in our Fort Collins facility is equipped with an individual door alarm that is disarmed and armed by the renter’s PIN number as they enter and leave through the main gate. The individual storage unit door alarm provides the second level of protection form external security threats as well as security threats from other renters who have access to our facility. Our individual storage unit door alarm system ensures that renters only access their storage unit and not the storage units of other renters. It is the perfect addition to your padlock.

24 Hour Digital Video Surveillance


Recorded 24-hour digital video surveillance monitors and records the exterior of every mini storage unit, entrance, hallway, and common area in our Fort Collins facility. This level of surveillance ensures a complete video record every time a storage unit is opened and closed as well as the individual accessing the storage unit. Our digital video Surveillance provides piece of mind, and law enforcement critical information and evidence if your self storage unit is accessed by unauthorized individuals.