Ft. Collins Mini Storage 101

Mini storage units from Ironwood Plaza are storage spaces rented to tenants in Ft. Collins and Northern Colorado through short-term or longer-term agreements. They come in both commercial and climate controlled varieties. Ft. Collins Mini storage units provide a cost-effective means of storage that is securely monitored through alarms, video surveillance and systems that track when units are accessed.

At Ironwood Plaza Mini Storage, we offer both standard, outdoor commercial units in sizes ranging from 5’x5’ to 15’x30’, as well as indoor climate controlled units ranging in size from 5’x5’ to 15’x15’.

What does mini storage mean to you?

Mini storage is important to our customers for a variety of reasons. For some, mini storage offers a transition point between homes, careers or phases of life. For others, storage units provide a place to protect personal belongings in the wake of a disaster or hardship. Some rely on mini storage to secure important files, documents and information.

No matter your storage needs, we’ve got your back

Regardless of what mini storage means to you, we have a unit to do the job. At Ironwood Plaza Mini Storage, storage is what we do. We provide convenient, accessible and secure storage solutions at affordable prices. We take pride in our units and worry about the details of storage so you can focus on your move, new job or simply getting back on your feet.

Contact us today to learn more about what our mini storage in Ft. Collins can do for you.